How to order

MagniLink Vision is available to order today, however the first delivery will not be made until 1st of November with the exception of North America where the first delivery can be made in January 2011.

MagniLink Vision will be released on the website October 8th, and a pricelist & order form will be released to all distributors and subsidiaries of LVI Low Vision International. In this we have stated all the models of MagniLink Vision next to our broad product range and it makes the order process faster for you - and for us!

The order form is made in Microsoft word and you simply choose what model to order, the quantity and then attach the form in an e-mail to If you do have your own company purchase order you are entitled to use it, however all orders need to state our article number, description and price to avoid any confusion. If you do not have a company purchase order form the LVI order form is necessary in all future orders.

Image of pricelist & orderform